Dexy Creation: The Brand that is Empowering Women through Fashion and Art

Dexy Creation is a fashion brand that began with the aim of developing women’s’ identity through fashion, arts, and skills training. Apart from telling stories of an African heritage, the brand draws attention to femininity details and premium delivery. For instance, the fashion brand dedicates 5% of every piece sold towards women empowerment programme; for sure, this is in line with sustainable development goal number 5 that seeks to promote gender equality. Indeed, the fashion brand blends art with zero waste of resources, and thus, less landfills and carbon emissions. The brand transforms remnants papers and fabrics from their fashion works to art and craft.

Furthermore, Dexy Creation is focused on women empowerment as it offers skills training to the ladies. Through skill training, women who work with Dexy Creation Fashion are able receive a decent living. Indeed, the act of imparting skills to the women promotes the sustainable development goal number 10 which deals with reduced inequalities. Interestingly, Dexy Creation recently released a capsule collection called ‘She Blooms’.

Dexy Creation Capsule Collection: She Blooms

She Blooms collection blends the fashion cultures of Nigeria and Italy through natural flowers, yellow trumpet, and lilies. This collection seeks to make a woman stand tall, fresh and to blossom. The fabric that the designers use to make this capsule collection include the Adire and aso oke. Both fabrics are local and they have a blend of raw fibre to represent all the women in their team;team Dexycreation. The research of Adire occured in the Nike Gallery.SEE ALSO

About the Unleash Project

Dexy Creation was selected among 30 companies by Assemblyhub Nigeria in partnership with the British Council and Conde Nast College of Fashion, London to solve fashion eco problems. Indeed, the brand is already tackling three sustainable development goals including goal number 5 gender equality, goal number 8 for decent work and economic growth, and goal number 10 for reduced inequalities.

This article was originally published on Baniku

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